Cassie Older – Fucking the big-titted COUGAR who’s wearing glasses

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Fucking the big-titted MOMMA who's wearing glasses

After this scene opens, 48-year-old cougar Cassie is sitting on a desk. JMac is sitting in a chair. He is on the phone, wanting to urge a couple of fit done, but that’s impossible when a attractive MILF like Cassie is hiking up her skirt and playing together with her giant titty right in front of you. Thus he reaches out to feel her boobs, and she reaches out to hang up the phone. And away they go.

Cassie is an impressive female. She’s 5’8″ with long legs and a huge rack. And she gives a loud, sloppy blowjob. And she keeps her glasses on the entire scene, even once JMac is fucking her about as hard as a person can fuck a babe.

40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: Xxx sex compared to regular sex…is it completely different?
CASSIE: It is fun. I liked it extra than I expected to like it. The positions are fascinating. I’ve learned a lot within the last 24 hours.

40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: What positions did you try this you would never done before?
CASSIE: Like almost all of them! Even the missionary here is never regular missionary. It is different. They position you thus the camera does get your whole body and all the action.

40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: Are you flexible?
CASSIE: Any than I thought I was. And then this morning when I was shooting the stills with JMac, I guess we were doing some standing doggie issue, and he had my leg on his shoulder. I didn’t even recognize I could bend that way! I’ll probably be sore tomorrow, but it was very perfect.

Cassie is really very good.

Fucking the big-titted MOM who's wearing glasses

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Ciara – Ciara’s creampie

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Ciara's creampie

Currently 54 years old, Ciara Blue, a 54-year-old next door wife and mom from Tampa, Florida, is back for a creampie. Yes, Ciara’s gonna have her MOM cunt fucked and filled with cum shot by a 24-year-old guy, and if that’s not enough to urge your heart racing, you’re at the wrong website.

Ciara has DD-cup hooters, the higher for her teen plaything to play with. She measures 36DD-24-34, which a man of any age would fancy, especially since which hot body starts off decorated in a couple of attractive, purple lingerie that shows off her body.

We asked Ciara if she’s watched her scenes, and she said, “Yes, definitely! Who would wish to miss those?”

Not united states.

“I watched them with my husband…bunches! We thought they were hot. It’s always engaging seeing yourself as the xxx star and recalling the process. My partner thought thus, too.”

And after she watches this episode, Ciara will check how she seems with her cunt filled with cream. Really nice, we may add.

Ciara's creampie

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Sydney – Sydney rubs you the right way

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Sydney rubs you the right way

Therefore Tony shows up at The Wellness Spa for a deep-tissue massage and is greeted by 48-year-old Sydney. His upper back has been giving him a number of trouble. A couple of stiffness. Sydney has him take off his clothes and lie face-down on the table. Before he is aware of it, Tony is feeling stiffness in a totally different place: his cock. Sydney’s rubbing her naked, oiled-up jugs against his back. And then she’s blowing his schlong and fucking it.

That’s special for several reasons, one of that is that Sydney is a first-timer to the stuff we do here at

“I posted on a website, you saw me and here I am,” she said.

Sydney is a MILF. She was born in Illinois and lives in Nevada. She has worked in sales, recruitment and training and she’s been a waitress and bartender. She is never a nudist nor a swinger. She will not have yet fetishes. She’d prefer to own sex both morning (but she does not). And she enjoys “French kissing while exploring each other’s bodies, sucking on my jugs and gentle and playful grabbing and spanking.” She as well said, “I wish the man to be the man and take control.”

Does that rub you the right way?

Sydney rubs you the right way

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Sally D’Angelo – Sally D’Angelo’s initial BBC

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Sally D'Angelo's first BBC

Since 2013, Sally D’Angelo’s visits to our studio have been among the most-anticipated events on the and calendar with every visit bringing something different: her debut shoots in early 2013, her three-ways later which year; a lot of three-ways with Cara Reid, who she discovered, and her initial asshole scenes in 2014. And currently, 60-year-old Sally is back for the BBC…big, chocolate dick!

“I surprise what he is got under those pants for Sally,” she says as she eyes Stallion. “Why don’t you bring that nice, massive fuckstick over here for Sally? Show me what you’ve got.”

Well, he’s got a huge, ebony boner, and Sally has huge racked and a tight pussy that’s not even covered as a result of she’s wearing crotchless panties. She spreads her legs for Stallion and shows him her granny crotch. She sucks his fuckstick and nuts. She takes his enormous, ebony schlong in her tight, aging twat. She takes his facial all over her face.

Sally is one in all the horniest, sluttiest chicks we’ve got ever met. She’s additionally one in all the most-outgoing and personable. And she’s a great spokeswoman for The SCORE Group, having sent several models our way. But we have to be honest: the best model Sally has sent our way? Sally herself.

We cannot wait to watch what she’ll do next.

Sally D'Angelo's Initial BBC

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Victoria Miller – Crotch worth waiting for

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Pussy worth waiting for

“People assume I’m a quiet, boring cougar. Tiny do they apprehend which I’ve already experienced many of my fantasies.”

Thus says 41-year-old Victoria Miller, who’s back for her second hardcore video at In it, Victoria is anything but quiet, and the action is anything but boring. Victoria is wearing sexy lingerie. She’s been waiting for her man all day. Once he shows up, she goes right when his cock. A few of chicks would complain about their man being late, but all Victoria cares concerning is obtaining laid.

“My kids think I’m a fuddy-dud,” said Victoria, who’s married and from North Carolina. “I try to be which cool mama, and i recognize it is not working. So this is me doing something for me that I never thought I’d have the opportunity to do.”

All she had to do was ask.

Pussy worth waiting for

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Rebecca Williams – The MAMA at the top of the stairs

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The COUGAR at the top of the stairs

This is Rebecca Williams’ second time at We asked her how she got here in the initial place (totally different than by plane and car, of course), and she said, “A gf of mine who posed for you recommended it. I’d never very thought of doing professional porn before, but I was already doing amateur stuff, therefore I went for it.”

Here, Rebecca goes for it with Carlos. Or he goes for it along with her. She’s standing at the top of the stairs, wearing a short, chocolate, leather skirt. She lifts her skirt to point out him what he’s going to urge and ends up sucking his cock in the hallway. Then she takes him into the bedroom, where she gets her anal up in the air so he can fuck her crotch.

Rebecca is a 51-year-old housewife and mother from Tampa, Florida. She’s a swinger. She definitely incorporates a wild side.

“Most of united states women who are involved in this universe live two lives–one with straight friends and family and one with ‘scene’ mates. My straight guys and family would be surprised to understand that I do any of this.”

“Any of this” includes opening her mouth for porn-stud cum shot, as she does here. She enjoys it, of course. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be here.

The MOTHER at the top of the stairs

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Casey Starr – Anal Starr

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Ass Starr

Casey Starr, a 43-year-old mom and grandmother from Delaware (now living in Florida, where she’s exploring her sexuality), gets ass-fucked on-camera in her second movie for Casey is blond, and she features a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe on her right arm. To the best of our knowledge, Marilyn never got ass-fucked on-camera, although we’re positive she would’ve if JFK had asked her.

“I just love having sex on-camera,” Casey tells united states. She as well tells us which she’s had sex on-camera before, although in private. She did it with a boyfriend and another woman.

“I like ladies,” Casey says.

Casey is into younger fellows, too.

“They get right to the point.”

At 35, shortly once her divorce, she dated a 21-year-old.

“He was immature, but the sex was off the chain.”

For Casey, that’s all that matters.

“I like everything. I extremely like oral sex plenty. Booty hole is not on my top, but I do like it.”

Judging by her reaction to having a schlong in her anal during this video, Casey likes it lots.

Ass Starr

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Savannah Steele – Savannah Makes Sweet Music

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Savannah Makes Sweet Music

“I once had sex with a 21-year-old stud who bought me a drink at my favorite local bar,” said 44-year-old Savannah Steele. “After 2 drinks and some shots, he started rubbing my leg and worked his way up my skirt, sliding a finger into my wet beaver. I yelled for the check right then and made him follow me home. We lost all our clothes before even creating it to the bedroom. We were making out and groping each totally various and ripping our clothes off in the kitchen, living room and hallway. After we got to the bedroom, we had the so much amazing sex ever. Each of us had multiple orgasms, and he told me that was the best sex he’d ever had. I’d say it was probably one among my best times, too.”

Savannah, who’s a cougar of two teenagers, is rarely fucking a 21-year-old in this movie. She’s fucking a 25-year-old. His name is Rocky, and once the episode opens, he’s sitting on a couch and playing guitar. Not really well, we should point out. Savannah seems turned on. She should not be listening to what he’s playing. She must be thinking regarding his cock.

“Why don’t you put which down,” Savannah says.

“It doesn’t fit extremely well,” Rocky says.

But his schlong will, and Savannah gets what she wants: penis. And Rocky not playing guitar.

Savannah Makes Sweet Music

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Dana Devereaux – Dana’s initial time on-camera

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Dana's 1st time on-camera

“I just wished to try something new and different, therefore here I’m!” said Dana Devereaux, a 51-year-old divorcee from Phoenix, Arizona who had never fucked on-camera before walking into our studio and taking on JMac’s giant cock.

“I’ve modeled for art schools but I’ve never had sex on-camera,” said this sexy, plumper redhaired who measures 36B-26-36. “Turning 50 got me trying to try new things and experiment and get out of my box somewhat bit.”

She’s obtaining out of her box by exposing off her fuck box.

“I’m kind of a showoff. An exhibitionist, maybe.”

Dana was born in Hamburg, Germany. She has been a market research analyst and a wholesale clothing representative.

“I have a cosmopolitan, elegant look but love obtaining to a small degree sleazy,” she said. “No one sees or knows which side of me exists.”

Well, we know, at least we do currently.

Dana enjoys playing tennis and watching football. One of her hobbies is collecting shoes. She has 650 pairs, and she’s a foot fetishist. But she is never a swinger.

“I need to spoil my man and don’t prefer to share, therefore swinging is out for me.”

But as for fucking porno studs on-camera…from this point on, it is in for Dana!

Dana's Initial time on-camera

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Lyla Lali – The Tall, Long-Legged Aging Gets Deep-Dicked

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The Tall, Long-Legged Cougar Gets Deep-Dicked

“Do you like this, baby?” 45-year-old Lyla Lali asks her man.

“Hell, yeah,” he says.

Who wouldn’t like Lyla? She’s tall and skinny and plump with giant, fake hooters and long, hard nipples and a pink camel toe. She sucks hard and fucks harder. She gets her legs all the way back therefore JMac will go balls-deep in her vagina.

“You’re so fuckin’ large!” she moans, but she takes both inch. Then she opens her mouth for sperm shot and sucks the fuckstick some extra therefore she doesn’t miss a squirts.

We asked Lyla what she desires to do that she hasn’t done, and she said, “Jump out of a plane.” With a parachute, we hope.

How does a boy attract her attention?

“By being sincere and unique,” she said.

We asked her about her kinkiest sexual encounter, and she said, “Nothing is naughty to me. It is all beautiful.”

In completely various words, she’ll do anything.

The Tall, Long-Legged Mature Gets Deep-Dicked

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